What to Expect During Gunite Pool Construction

So you have taken the leap and decided to get a swimming pool for your Fort Smith or Springdale home. Maybe you are still on the fence and would like to know more about the process. Either way, knowing what to expect during the installation of your swimming pool is natural. It is going to take a few weeks at least, maybe longer depending on how construction goes. Here is what you can expect during construction.

Prep for Pool Installation

The first thing that is going to need to be done is acquiring all the appropriate permits. While that is going on, your local pool professionals may come and take a look at the ideal location for the pool. They will then measure out the area that the pool is going to be in and rough out the outline of the pool using stakes.

If you have a fence, it will need to be removed while the construction is going on. Remember to be clear about who is removing the fence and who is going to replace it. Burton Pools is happy to take down fences, however, the customer is responsible for putting it back up.


Now it is time to dig. Please remember that once digging has begun, the area is an active construction site. Children and pets can watch from a distance but should be kept away from equipment and the site itself, as it can be dangerous.

Heavy equipment will be brought on site to do the heavy digging. Most of the dirt will be hauled off site, but some needs to be kept around for later. This may mean that you have a small dirt mountain in your backyard for a short period of time.

Yes, all of this construction is going to take a toll on your yard, but don’t worry - it will look great again before you know it.

Drains and Framing

Once the excavation is done, it is time to put in gravel drainage. This will be done by a loader bringing in large amounts of gravel and dumping it into the hole. The gravel will then be smoothed out so that a rebar frame can be built over top of it.

Finally, the plumbing for the pool will be partially or fully installed (depending on the job).

Pouring Gunite and Tile

Once the frame is in place, gunite can be shot into the frame. This is the material that your pool is made of and is a special form of concrete. It can be a little messy, but your installers will clean it all up before they leave.

Once the gunite installed, the tile or other surface material will be placed over the top of it to give your pool a finished look. Any patio or decking that is going to go along with it will be completed at this time as well.

Have Your Pool Installed by Fort Smith Pool Experts

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