Top 10 Pool Design Trends of 2016

With a New Year here and a new pool season coming up quickly on the horizon, many are anticipating what pool openings in 2016 will bring. Ambitious remodels performed over the fall and winter allow pool owners to bask in the fruits of their labor. The latest trends influence design decisions that bring pool owners the crème de la crème, features that add new levels of function and aesthetic pleasure to the swimming experience.

Keep your finger on the pulse of the always-evolving pool design market by marveling at these top 10 pool design trends that will be seen throughout 2016:

#1 The Knife Edge

Without a doubt, the knife edge is the most captivating design feature we will see in 2016. This technique uses a tiny slot placed around the pool edge that replaces traditional coping. Instead of having an obvious border around the pool, the water freely flows into the slot, creating a dramatic mirror-like effect as well as a unique architectural statement.

#2 The Infinity Edge

The “infinity edge” has been dominating pool trends for several years now, and it will continue to do so in 2016. This design feature, called “water-in-transit” by the pool industry, allows water to overflow off one or more perimeter edges of the pool. The effect looks like you could simply swim off into the distance, and it is mesmerizing.

#3 Baja Shelves

Also known as “tanning ledges,” “lounging ledges” and a host of other names, this design element creates a broad, shallow area within the pool that is perfect for staying cool without having to take a complete dip. As one of their names suggests, this feature is popular with tanning enthusiasts, but it can also provide a safe place for young children to play or simply a place to relax in the shade under umbrellas.

#4 Bubblers

Water features have always been popular, but with a rise in the number of Baja shelves comes increased demand for “bubbler” water features. These features use low-pressure flows to deliver their namesake bubbles, which are actually small water ripples akin to a gentle Jacuzzi. On a Baja shelf, they can massage the bather while they lounge.

#5 Glass Tile

Whether used as an accent or a major design component, glass tiles have helped reimagine pool design in the past few years. These tiny tiles shimmer in the light, and their colors can be coordinated to create unique auras when the sunlight strikes them. Placed underwater, they can reflect light and create a preternatural glow in the water under the right conditions.

#6 LED Accent Lights

Swimming at night thanks to a few lights can be great, but swimming in a rainbow colored wonderland is far more enjoyable. LED lights placed in the water create dazzling glowing effects, or they can be placed around landscaping and water features to set the stage for swimmers.

#7 Outdoor Living

Outdoor entertaining areas are coming back in a big way. In addition to the luxurious outdoor kitchen setups seen, outdoor lounging areas that provide shade or a place to eat increase the hours you can spend poolside.

#8 Fire Accents

Water features may be familiar, but what about fire features? Permanent fire features fed with natural gas lines can provide warmth and light when the sun goes down or the temperature drops. Gas “campfire” style fireplaces in outdoor living areas add more utility to spaces and make them usable even when pool season ends.

#9 Automatic Pool Covers

Covering your pool every night saves energy, keeps the pool cleaner and protects kids and pets among other benefits. The only problem is that pool covers can be cumbersome to use. Automatic pool covers solve this issue. With automatic pool covers, the system can be engaged at the touch of a button, saving you money and giving extra peace of mind every night.

#10 Travertine

Travertine stone patios and decks create an elegant Old World look reminiscent of ancient Roman architecture. The stone is also easier to maintain than wood or other materials and can last a lifetime when properly cared for.

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