Surprising Health Benefits of Swimming Regularly

It’s no secret that swimming as a form of exercise attracts people of all ages. Children join neighborhood swim teams in hordes every summer, while elderly folk also flock to community centers for many different aquatic activities. Especially if you have a pool in your Arkansas backyard, swimming can be a great solitary or group activity for healthy living.

What is it that makes swimming such an attractive and healthy exercise? There are actually many health benefits of swimming regularly that might surprise even the most active person. Read on for more information about what makes swimming an excellent way to stay in shape.


Targets Many Areas

 Swimming targets every area you would want to be targeted in a physical activity; whether you’re swimming laps in your pool or doing other water-based exercises, your core, arms, legs, glutes and back will all receive a proper workout. It is an aerobic exercise, meaning your heart will pump the whole time as you use your entire body to perform the swimming activity.


Improve Overall Strength

 Water feels good on the body, but don’t let the relaxing effects of swimming fool you—your strength is improving the entire time you spend in the pool. This is because water has about 12 times the resistance of air. For extra resistance and a more challenging workout, try incorporating hand-held paddles, a foam noodle or a kickboard.


A Low-Impact Activity

 Unlike other activities such as running or dancing, swimming and exercising in a body of water doesn’t put pressure on your joints. In fact, swimming is often used as physical therapy to help the body recover after various injuries. One of the health benefits of swimming is that it has the benefits of many other cardio activities without causing you to build up a sweat or put you at risk of furthering the effects of an injury.



 Once you’ve invested in a pool for your Arkansas backyard, swimming is an activity you can do for much of the year. It also requires no expensive equipment—get yourself a swimsuit and possibly some goggles, and you’re good to go!


Benefits for Many Health Conditions

 Once again, thanks to the low impact of swimming while providing a full-body aerobic workout, pregnant women, especially those who swam prior to their pregnancy, benefit a lot from the buoyancy of water, which takes stress off the joints. Of course, breaststroke may worsen pelvic discomfort, so pregnant women should likely choose a different swimming stroke. People with various types of arthritis, back pain or joint pain will find swimming to be a much better activity than other choices for cardio. Additionally, swimming can help people with diabetes and high cholesterol keep blood sugar and cholesterol levels under control.

As you can see, there are many health benefits of swimming that make it an ideal exercise activity for people from many different walks of life. We at Burton Pools and Spas of Fort Smith, Arkansas are prepared to help you set up your Arkansas backyard pool so that you can enjoy the benefits of swimming as soon as possible. Summer is just around the corner—contact us today!


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