Preparing Your Pool for Summer Swim Season

For many of us in Fort Smith and Springdale, it already feels like pool season is underway. With increasingly longer and warmer days ahead, it’s about time to get your home pool in shape before everyday use becomes a necessity. Since it’s likely been a while since your last dip, there are a few things you should do to prepare a pool for summer. Even if you had it covered all winter, it’s likely not ready for swimmers just yet. Here are some of our top ways to prep your Arkansas pool for summer use.

Basic Cleaning

 Spring is a great time to make sure your Arkansas pool cleaning process is up to snuff. After removing your winter pool cover, give it a once-over; if there’s any debris in your pool, clear it out with a skimming net. This will help you get rid of any visible debris, such as leaves, twigs and bugs. Remove everything from the pool that you possibly can. Then, go over the sides and floor of your pool with a pool brush to loosen up any algae or other dirt and buildup.

Skimming and brushing will prepare your pool for the underwater vacuum, which cannot remove any large items. However, running a pool vacuum is a very low maintenance way to keep your pool in shape, and you should run it once per day. Also, be sure to clean out the straining baskets whenever any debris has built up. The more often you clean your pool, the less time each cleaning session will take.


Maintain Water Levels

 Your pool’s water level naturally fluctuates, but it’s important to keep the pool full of water at all times. During particularly hot stretches of the day or when the pool is being used frequently, your Arkansas pool will continue losing water. Keep the water level above the skimmer line by refilling your pool with a hose if necessary.


Regularly Check the Filter

 In addition to regularly cleaning your pool, you should also be regularly cleaning your pool’s filter. Do this by switching the filter to “backwash” mode as often as your manufacturer’s guide says to (which may not be too often and depends on the type of filter you use—consult the manual before running!).


Check Chemical Levels

 We use chlorine in pools to keep bacteria from surviving and reproducing. However, too much chlorine can be harmful and affect the color in your family’s hair and swimsuits. Checking the pH balance on a frequent basis—at least once a week—is an essential part of being a responsible pool owner. Regularly go over the pool rules with family members or anyone else using the pool; these rules include only swimming in pools that have been recently chlorine-tested.

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