Pool Safety Covers Are A Smart Investment

Pool Safety Covers Are A Smart Investment


When planning for a pool, we often think about the size, the shape and the features we would like for it to have. One item that is often left off of the list is the pool safety cover.

Some pool owners may consider a pool safety cover to be an unnecessary expense or “bonus” feature. But these covers alone have saved the lives of hundreds of young children, pets and wildlife.


Advantages of Fort Smith Pool Safety Covers

Pool safety covers are designed to support thousands of pounds, often being able to support as much as the weight of a baby elephant! Not only does a properly secured pool safety cover make your pool impenetrable, but they also look great and are low maintenance.

Pool safety covers also provide the following additional benefits:

  • Reduce Pool Maintenance

Pool safety covers will decrease the amount of time you spend maintaining your pool and increase the amount of time you can spend enjoying it.  Pool covers slow or eliminate pool water elimination, reduce chemical usage, help keep algae and bacteria at bay, and they effectively prevent branches, leaves and other debris from entering your pool.

  • Reduce Pool Operation Expenses

Being able to save on water and chemicals are just two ways a pool safety cover will help you reduce operation costs. Because the cover retains the heat of your pool water, you can reduce the amount of money you would otherwise spend on the gas or electricity used to heat your pool.

  • Ease of Use

Whether you opt for a manual or automatic pool safety cover, they are quick and easy to use. Automatic pool covers can be opened and closed within mere seconds, all with a simple flick of a switch or a push of a button.


Explore Your Pool Safety Cover Options with Burton Pools & Spas

Burton Pools & Spas offers a large selection of pool safety covers that will keep your Fort Smith pool secure while saving you money in the long term.

Right now, you can get a FREE winterization ($180 value) when you purchase a new safety cover from us! Call us today at 800-667-9180 to learn more!


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