What Makes a Hot Spring Spa Different?

What Makes a Hot Spring Spa Different?

Are you interested in investing in a hot tub but aren't sure which hot tub to choose? While many hot tubs have similar features, the unique features of our Hot Spring hot tubs here at Burton Pools & Spas have taken our tub selection to a whole new level.

A Revolutionized Approach to Hydrotherapy

When you choose a Hot Spring hot tub, you have the option of choosing the popular Moto-Massage DX® jet. This jet delivers a dual stream of powerful, soothing warm water and moves up and down your entire back so that you enjoy a deep, thorough massage.

Our tubs may also be outfitted with a variety of other jets, including:

  • SoothingStream® Jet: A 12 port jet that sends out a strong stream of water targeted towards your shoulders and upper back
  • JetStream® Jet: A powerful jet designed to relieve aching feet and ease away back tension
  • Rotary Hydromassage Jet: A rotating jet that provides targeted areas with a deep massage

Exclusive Features Keep Maintenance to a Minimum

Depending on the model you choose, your hot tub may come with a variety of water systems which allow you to spend more time relaxing and less time worrying about cleaning.

Our leading Ace® Salt Water System generates chlorine and other cleaning agents automatically through the use of a patented diamond electrode. This system is popular because it softens the spa water, reduces dry skin and causes less eye irritation.

We also offer the Everfresh® Water Care System which pairs together an easy to use high-output ozone system with a continuous silver ion purifier and a non-chlorine oxidizer. The result: crystal clear and clean water that uses only a fraction of the amount of chlorine in comparison to other water care systems.

Finally we are the only company to offer 100% no-bypass filtration by outfitting many of our units with Tri-X® filters. These filters are also dishwasher safe, making them significantly easier to clean than traditional filters.

Are You Ready for a Hot Spring Hot Tub?

Experience a whole new level of relaxation and hydrotherapy with a Hot Spring hot tub. Operating out of Arkansas, you can contact Burton Pools & Spas in Fort Smith at (479) 648-3483 and in Springdale at (479) 756-5511 to learn more.


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