Everything You Need to Know About In-Ground Pool Renovation

pool renovationWhatever your reasons are, in-ground pool renovation takes a lot of determination, cost and effort to come up with good results. Over time, swimming pools can deteriorate in design and function. Even with good maintenance and care, many swimming pools undergo renovation or remodeling at some point.

Before starting your in-ground pool renovation project, consider the following:

1. Type of In-ground Pool

Not all in-ground pools are created equal. They vary in size, shape and type of material used. The three common types of in-ground pools are vinyl, gunite or concrete and fiberglass. It is important to know the type of in-ground pool you have so that your contractor can order and manage the correct renovation or repair.


Additionally, the type of in-ground pool will will dictate a lot of your remodeling costs. For example, gunite or concrete swimming pool costs more than a vinyl swimming pool due to the material used.


2. Cost

Although all types of renovation can be costly, you must consider the specific requirements needed to renovate your in-ground pool. To determine the cost of repair or remodel, you must consider the type of in-ground pool. As mentioned above, some types of in-ground pool may cost more than the others such as gunite versus vinyl swimming pool. Location is another item to consider. Some areas require additional fees for renovation permits.


3. Purpose

When working on your pool's renovation, decide on how you want to use it. If one of the reasons for remodeling is because you wanted to turn your backyard and pool area into a party area, you may have to consider a different design to suit your taste and needs. If it's simply for family relaxation, you may opt for a more simple design.

These are just some of the basic factors important to consider before hiring a pool builder for your in-ground pool renovation. For more tips and advice on pool renovation, pleaseĀ visit our Facebook page.


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