How to Prepare your Arkansas Pool for Winter

Winter is not a time you want to be in your swimming pool. This means a long period of time where you pool is going to be sitting unused. To make the issues more complicated, cold temperatures can actually end up doing damage to your pool. That is why it is important to winterize your pool properly. Failure to do so can cause costly damage that requires fixing before you open the pool again in the spring. Here are some things to do to make sure your Arkansas pool stays safe over the winter.

Balance the Water Chemistry

In order to protect the surface of your pool you want to make sure that the water chemistry is balanced properly. This means your pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness are all balanced properly. Not doing this can cause staining and etching of your pool’s surface that will at the very least cause the pool to look bad next summer.

You can also add a winterizing chemical to the water to keep it clear for the next season. These usually come as kits that have very exact instructions on how to properly use the kit. Make sure to follow the directions closely in order for the kit to work properly.

Prevent Freezing Damage

Remember that when water freezes, it expands. That expansion is strong enough to crack concrete and mountains. Imagine what it can do to your Arkansas pool! Even if you think it won’t get cold enough for your pool to freeze, you should take precautions anyway. Winter weather patterns have been shifting causing lower than normal temperatures in many places across the nation. Once the icy weather has hit, it’s too late to do anything about it.

One common way to prevent freezing damage is to lower the water level below the mouth of the skimmer. This will help to get the water out of the throat of the skimmer where it can do damage.

Clear the Plumbing

Your pool has a lot of plumbing that goes along with it. That can also freeze if temperatures get too low in the winter. This means proper winterization includes getting the water out of these lines. You can do this easily with the help of a shop vac or similar device. Use the shop vac to clear out the line the plug it at the pool end to prevent more water from getting back in. Remember to use the proper plug, threaded if you have threads.

Also check the rubber O-ring on the plug to ensure a tight seal. Leaks in the plug will cause the line to fill back up after you have emptied it. If you do not have a threaded fitting make sure to use a rubber plug. This is the best way to get the proper seal.

If you need an expert’s help in winterizing your Arkansas pool, contact Burton Pools and Spas today before the cold winter hits!


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