Fresh Sand for Your Pool Filter

Is your pool chronically cloudy? Can’t remember the last time you chemically cleaned your filter? Don’t know when fresh, clean sand was installed for your sand pool filter? Don’t worry about it. Just contact Burton Pools & Spas!

Burton Pools Service Department can:

  • Advise you on a pool maintenance schedule for your Missouri, Oklahoma, or Arkansas pool, whether you’re using Baquacil, a salt generator, or chlorine tablets;
  • Handle your sand changes for you, whether you need service twice a season, once a year, or otherwise;
  • Provide all the products you need to keep your pool crystal clear and unbelievably clean.

If you use Baquacil pool maintenance products in your swimming pool, we recommend a sand change every year. If you use salt or chlorine in your swimming pool, we recommend changing your sand once every five years. Burton Pools & Spas also recommends chemically cleaning your sand twice a year. Contact Burton Pools & Spas today. Let us take away your dirty sand and leave you with a sparkling clean pool!

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