Choosing The Right Pool Cover

At the end of the year, one of the most important parts of closing your pool for the season is choosing the right pool cover. Many people wonder what type of pool cover to use and whether they really need to cover their pool. Having a pool cover is always a good choice, as it can protect against debris and damage and also adds an additional layer of protection for animals and children. When you start shopping for the right cover for your pool, keep in mind the following information.

Pool Covers Are Made Out of a Range of Materials

When covering your pool, the main goals are safety and protection of your pool interior. This can be accomplished in a few different ways. There are vinyl covers, mesh covers, and hard pool covers. Each option has its own benefits. Carefully consider each option, before choosing the one that's right for you.


The most common pool cover is the vinyl pool cover. Older versions of vinyl pool covers will have large, water filled bags, which serve as weights to hold it in place. Newer versions of vinyl pool covers will have metal snaps, that actually lock into the pool decking and hold the cover in place. This is more secure and help prevent pets or children from falling into the pool. Vinyl pool covers are available in many different styles.


A mesh pool cover snaps into place, just like a vinyl pool cover, offering the same protection. As you would imagine, the mesh design allows to flow through the cover, which eliminates any stress and weight from water that could collect on top of the cover. Mesh pool covers can be an affordable option for protecting your pool.


Automatic pool covers are another option for covering your pool. Automatic pool covers always stay on and have many benefits. They allow you to save, heat, water, electricity, and chemicals. They also help keep the pool clean allowing you to have more time to enjoy your pool. Whether your building a new pool or have an existing pool, an automatic pool cover is a great option.

Having a pool cover will protect your pool from a number of issues, including accidents, excess debris, and damage to your pool liner. If you need help choosing the right pool cover, or you are interested in learning about new pool installation, visit us at Burton Pools and Spas. We can help explain the benefits of the different pool covers that are available.

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