6 Things to Consider When Choosing Kid Friendly Pool Water Features

Are you planning to design a family fun in-ground pool this year? You can choose from a wide-range of kid friendly features to add to your pool design. We've listed some of the most kid-approved water features with below. However, always keep in mind that even if these features are "kid-friendly", nothing is 100% child proof. Hence, children should still be under the supervision of adult all times.

Deck Jets

Deck jets are a fun addition to any size pool and equally loved by kids and adults. They are installed on the pool deck to create thin arcs of water across and into the pool. They are often backlit with colored LED's for a truly impressive night display.

BURTON backlit deck jets swimming pool at night dsc_7671

We kept the backlighting on these deck jets white to complement the elegant pool design.

Single Depth

While not technically a water feature, this is certainly a design feature that matters to kids. By having a single depth pool, you create a play-friendly pool environment. Deep ends take up a lot of space, and can make water games more difficult. When you want to have good recreational activities in the pool, it is best to keep your feet on the pool floor. Hence, even if most popular designs incorporate slopes, it may be a better idea to opt for a single depth if family fun and recreation are high on your list of priorities.

Diving Board

This may seem contrary to our previous tip, but let's face it- kids love diving boards. If a diving board is an important feature for you, let your designer know up front as this will require a deep end. It is possible to incorporate a deep end into your pool design while still reserving enough space for pool play, but this will require a larger pool design. Make sure you have the space needed for both zones before committing to a deep end and diving board.

With a diving board, deep and shallow zones and deck jets, this swimming pool makes the ultimate staycation spot!

With a diving board, deep and shallow zones and deck jets, this swimming pool makes the ultimate staycation spot!

For practical purposes, springboard diving board is a better choice for home in-ground pool. This is due to this type of diving board not requiring as much depth or space compared to higher diving platforms. You can choose springboards based on your height requirement. Springboards can also be adjusted to varying spring levels. But if you just can't get past the look of a traditional diving board, jump rocks are a good compromise.

Tanning Ledge

For families with young children, designing a pool with a tanning ledge (also known as a beach entry or wading pool) is a good option. This is essentially a shallow shelf on the edge of the pool where smaller children can splash and play. Add bubblers to create a truly magical spot! Adults also love tanning ledges as they provide a cool place to lounge in the sun without getting fully immersed. (Of course, it's still important for children to be well supervised even in these shallow waters.)

BURTON creativ-design-pool-2

We built this tanning ledge with umbrella fittings. The umbrellas can be removed when the homeowner wants to get some sun.

Water Slide

This is perhaps the most classic water feature for kids. However, choosing a water slide is not easy. You must carefully choose a slide that meets the standard for child safety while not detracting too much from the aesthetics of your pool area. You must consider the following factors: weight requirements, materials and your state's safety standards. Of course, not just any slide will work for your pool. You'll need to choose a slide that is designed specifically for swimming pool use so that you can be sure it meets the U.S. Consumer Product Safety swimming pool slide standards.

Hybrid Pool

This type of pool is the ultimate compromise for kids and adults. Its unique shape and depths make it suitable for both entertainment, play and water exercises. Hybrid pools are most often designed in an L-shape to create a zone for lap swimming and another for play and lounging.

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