How to Choose Swimming Pool Covers

Pool Covers

Buying swimming pool covers can be tricky. There are many options but getting a pool cover for your swimming pool is a must. If you are having a hard time choosing the right pool cover, remember these tips.

Consider the Climate

New pool owners may not know the impact climate has in choosing a pool cover. For swimming pools located in the colder regions, it is best to buy a pool cover made of sturdy mesh, also known as winter pool cover. For those in the hotter cities and other locations, an automatic pool cover will do the trick. This type of pool cover works on insulating heat within the swimming pool.

Pool Type

The type of pool you have at home can also be considered as a buying factor in choosing swimming pool covers. There is a different type for in ground pools and another type for above ground pools. Choose the right type of cover based on your pool type to maximize its use.

State Law

You must also consider the existing law in your state. There may be laws relative to the type of pool covers allowed in the area. Hence, it pays to know these state and local laws to avoid potential problems.


If you are planning to buy a pool cover for safety purposes, you must understand first that there's nothing in this world that can guarantee 100% safety or that can be 100% childproof. There are pool covers that were definitely built for safety purposes as compared to the others. However, if you really want to be close to having a childproof pool cover, look for one that is certified by ASTM or (American Society for Testing and Materials). Once certified by ASTM, you are guaranteed that the material used in the pool cover have been tried and tested and met or exceeded the detailed safety guidelines.

These maybe simple things but they are extremely important in choosing the right pool cover for your swimming pool.

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