Why Choose a Fiberglass In Ground Pool?

fiberglass in-ground pool

Choosing the right type of an in ground swimming pool is not just a matter of preference but also based on facts and benefits. Over the years, vinyl in ground swimming pools have dominated the market, but with the advancement of fiberglass in ground swimming pools, more and more people have been choosing fiberglass over vinyl.

If you are a first-time owner of an in ground swimming pool, it is critical to learn more about the benefits of having a fiberglass swimming pool compared to vinyl.


Compared to the other types, fiberglass swimming pools are easier to maintain. Since the coating surface of a fiberglass pool is nonporous, algae formation is reduced. You don't have to spend more on cleaning materials and chemicals for treatment. You don't even have to replace liners every now and then because it does not contain any liner at all. Hence, more people find fiberglass pools more cost effective.


In the past, fiberglass swimming pools weren't the most visually diverse. However, with technological advancements such as colored finishing, appearance has greatly improved. In fact, they can even stand at par with concrete pools. You can customize fiberglass pools according to your preference. Another aesthetic value of a fiberglass pool is its smooth finish.

Faster Installation

For those who cannot wait to enjoy an in ground swimming pool, choose fiberglass. Installation occurs faster compared to other types of swimming pools.


Fiberglass pools are said to be more durable compared to the other types because they don't have liners, hence, there's no chance of puncturing the pool.

These are just a few of the many benefits you will find in getting a fiberglass in ground pool. For a quality fiberglass in ground pool, contact us today.


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