Checklist for Planning a Pool Remodel

Planning a pool remodel is an ambitious project, but with the proper approach and preparation, it can be made simpler and more rewarding overall. A pool is a significant investment, after all, so your remodel will want to find ways to add both utility and value to the final product. By approaching the matter in this way, you can prevent making impulse decisions or committing oversights that can negatively impact the project’s outcome.

To help you go about planning your Fort Smith pool remodel while avoiding setbacks, follow these steps in order:

__ #1 Assess Your Wants and Needs

Your first step is to begin inventorying the reasons that you want to remodel your pool in the first place. Ignore actual features for the moment, and instead focus on the functionality you want to add. For instance, instead of saying, “I want a diving board,” you can say “I want a fun feature that lets me use my deep end more.”

Functionality should always come first before aesthetics. Assess what you want to do with your pool that you are unable to at the moment. Also consider accessibility features that will allow you to continue using your pool as you age and encounter mobility limitations. Finally, consider the long-term maintenance needs of your pool — i.e. materials that should be replaced before they wear out.

__ #2 Look into the Latest Pool Technology, Trends and Updates

Without a little bit of product research, you may never be aware of pool features that make it pool ownership more enjoyable. Salt water generators, for example, help maintain water quality and sanitation without nearly as many chemicals.

__ #3 Research Other Pools for Inspiration

Your final step in “probing” the market to see what ideas come up involves simply soaking in completed pool projects that make you envious. Websites like Pinterest have a dazzling array of project photos that include landscaping, deck designs, features and more. Even if the project as a whole is not quite within your intended scope, you can steal one or two ideas from it to improve your initial vision.

__ #4 Determine a Budget

Always set a budget before you begin selecting features. By setting a budget first, you avoid disappointment or comparing apples to oranges when selecting features. Evaluate your finances and how much you are willing to set aside for your project. Include a five to 10 percent contingency fund in case anything goes over budget.

__ #5 Make a List of the Exact Features or Renovations You Want

With all that work under your belt, you hopefully have more specific ideas about what your remodel will entail. You can then make a list of the needed materials, project goals and any other factors that will be important to your renovation.

Additionally, a paragraph form description can accompany your list to get a fuller picture of what the final project will look like. If you sketch or know someone who can, consider creating rough sketches of a final product.

__ #6 Research and Select Quality Fort Smith, Arkansas Pool Remodelers

Finding the right pool contractor for you is a lengthy process unto itself, but remember these six steps to hit all the essentials:

  • Start with friend and family referrals
  • Look up contractor reviews online
  • Interview any candidates and confirm their credentials
  • Ask them for references on the last three or so jobs they have done
  • Solicit multiple bids that include projected time schedules and estimates
  • Select the contractor who offers the most value, not just the best price

Burton Pools Can Help!

Our award-winning pool experts can help you plan for your pool remodeling and set a budget while educating you on the best features available. Consider us for your pool remodel needs. Visit our Fort Smith pool remodeling section to get started.


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