Above Ground Pools: The True Cost of Bad Planning

above ground poolFor those who opt for above ground pools, some consider owning one a luxury. For many, it is a necessity. That is why the number of pool owners continues to grow.

When it comes to building above ground pools, there are some serious consequences for insufficient planning that pool owners may not realize until it is too late. In most cases, your pool supplier or contractor won't tell you these things outright, so it is best to learn for yourself the potential costs of poor planning.

Costly Mistakes

Time management is very important, especially when building a pool. Bad planning may cause missed deadlines, miscommunication, inappropriate goals, etc. If all of these things were not discussed and planned out before working on the project, chances are you may have to repeat or reschedule elements of the build-out, which could require greater expenses.

Things to Consider

During planning, it is important to consider the following to avoid costly mistakes:

  • Location – Choosing the right location for your above ground pool can save you thousands of dollars. Improperly locating the pool can have an impact on how you will use it. To maximize your pool's functionality, it is best to plan the location well.
  • Size – As the old adage goes, size matters. However, it isn't everything. Consider the way you want to enjoy your swimming pool before deciding on the pool's size. If you just want to splash around and have a refreshing venue for relaxation but don't plan on lap swimming, you may not need a bigger pool.
  • Safety – Planning should include how you will ensure safety at all times. Year after year, many children die due to drowning. Particularly at risk are those 5 years of age and under. Include safety measures in your planning to avoid tragic accidents.
  • Energy consumption – If you want to save more, use energy efficient products for your pool for everything from the pump to the lighting.
  • Maintenance – Even before your pool is built, you need to plan out how you will manage maintenance. Check to see if there are pool maintenance companies that service your neighborhood. If not, or if you prefer to avoid that expense, you may need to equip yourself for the task by learning the do's and don'ts of pool maintenance.

In order to avoid costly mistakes and get maximum enjoyment from your above ground pool, be sure to put appropriate thought and planning into its selection and installation. Better yet, buy your pool from a company like Burton Pools and Spas that has a proven track record of experience and excellence in the industry. Come see us today. We can help walk you through all of the necessary planning for your perfect new above ground pool!


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