5 Above Ground Pool Mistakes That Are Costing You Money

above ground pool

For those who wish to start enjoying a pool without having to invest large amounts of time, money and other resources, you can opt for an above ground swimming pool. One of the good things about above ground pool is that it is easy to assemble and take down if ever you will be transferring to a new place.

However, despite of its many advantages, there are certain pool mistakes you need to identify and avoid. Many people think that just because they are easy to install, mistakes can't be made.

1. Not leveling the ground

Although this is a pretty obvious mistake, a lot of individuals dismiss the fact that ground leveling is critical when setting up above ground pools. It will serve as the foundation for your pool. Make sure to install your above ground pool into a perfectly leveled ground. Do not attempt to dig out a portion of the land and install your empty above ground pool. Chances are, once you fill your pool and rain or water has washed portion of the land, the dirt surrounding the pool will be denser and your pool will eventually give in.


2. Grass growth

Allowing grasses and other shrubs to grow around your pool is another big mistake. While it looks environmentally friendly from the outside, it can harm your pool. Grass can grow into the pool and may even reach the liner. Replacing your liners and even the whole pool can be very costly.


3. Draining an above ground pool

Never drain an above ground pool, especially one with vinyl liner, when cleaning. Only drain an above ground pool when you need to have it repaired. Draining can shrink your pool's liner and eventually wear it out.


4. Building a pool deck

Building a pool deck is not a mistake at all but building one on top of your above ground pool or your pool's top support is another big mistake. If you are using an overlap liner, these braces or supports will need to be removed every time you change your liner. This means that you also need to remove your deck. If you wish to build a pool deck, make sure to use a beaded liner so that you don't have to worry about changing liners.


5. No support

Never build an above ground pool without sidewall support. Without support, over time sidewalls will become loose and fall. Additionally, when creating support, make sure to test it with water inside the pool. You can only guarantee stability if the pool has water in it and everything looks good inside and out.


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