A Simple Guide to Above Ground Pool Care

Owning and maintaining a pool requires a certain level of responsibility and upkeep from every homeowner, and this is especially true for above ground pools. It is true that spending your weekends poolside is a great way to unwind from the week; however, your day off can become not so relaxing if your pool is not properly kept or maintained. A well-kept above ground pool means that your pool will have healthy, clean, and clear swimming water as well as longer lasting equipment. Check out this easy guide for above ground pool care so you can make the most out of your time spent at the pool this summer.

Water Balance

The first thing to be sure of when maintaining an above ground pool is the water pH level. You want to make sure that the water’s pH is not too acidic (low pH) or too alkaline (high pH). Your pool water should also have the right calcium hardness and total alkalinity levels. By ensuring these levels are correct, your pool’s water will be properly balanced. The right balance levels will ensure proper functioning of your sanitizer system which keeps bacteria at bay. This will also lower the risk of corrosion or scale buildup on your pool and equipment. And for your comfort, balanced pool water also makes the water feel smoother and more comfortable to swim in and prevents skin and eye irritation.

Water Sanitation

The next step for a healthy above ground pool and proper care is having and maintaining a well functioning sanitizing system. Sanitizer systems prevent algae buildup and destroy bacteria. To sanitize your pool, you can either go with traditional chlorine products or other alternatives that are just as effective. These alternative products are becoming a lot more popular as people are preferring less chlorine exposure. Whichever you choose, it is still necessary to ensure proper pool water sanitation for yourself and your family.

Pool Shocking

If you have a chlorine pool, periodic shock treatments are necessary for maintaining pool water health. When a pool with chlorine is used, compounds called chloramines are formed when the pool’s chlorine mixes with outside contaminants. When combined, the chlorine no longer has its sanitizing ability and actually causes a strong chlorine odor, red eyes, cloudy water, and algae and bacteria growth. Shock treatments break down the chloramine compounds and oxidizes the outside contaminants which will keep your pool safe and healthy.

Periodic Pool Cleaning

Last and definitely not least, the best and most obvious way to keep your above ground pool healthy and ready for use is with periodic cleanings. Making sure your pool is clear of dirt, debris, and other unwanted materials is vital to maintaining proper water quality. Keeping your pool clean also means taking good care of the filtration system.

Burton Pools and Spas

A clean pool is a safe pool, so be sure to keep safe this summer by properly maintaining your above ground pool. Find out how Burton Pools and Spas can help you have fun and be safe this summer with a new above ground pool and regular pool maintenance.


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