4 Signs It’s Time for an In-Ground Pool Remodel

Is your pool trying to send you a message that you just aren’t receiving? Maybe you are wondering if it’s time to get your in-ground pool remodeled, but you aren’t sure. There are plenty of signs that it is time for you to get some work done on your pool. Here are four of them!

Repairs and More Repairs

Do you find that every time you head out to swim you notice that something else on your pool has broken? Maybe you just found that your pool water level is dropping due to a small (or large) leak. All of these can lead you to spending a large amount of money on repairs.

Pools are made of and run on mechanical systems. If one system keeps failing over and over, or several systems are starting to fail, it may be a sign that you need to replace them. Having your pool remodeled can end up saving you money in the long run.

Update that Look

Are you starting to feel like your back door is a portal back in time? When you step out onto your patio, do you expect to hear last decade’s hits playing over the radio? A dated look is a good sign that your pool needs a remodel.

Trends change over time. Looks that were in all of the magazines lose favor. Don’t keep spending time in your dated pool. Now is the time to bring it up to date.

Worn and Used

If you enjoy using your pool, then it probably sees a lot of wear and tear. Even if you don’t spend a lot of time in it, the sun, weather and seasons can put a toll on your once beautiful pool. The colors fade, the lights don’t light up as bright and the patio starts to chip and crack.

Remove the signs of wear and tear by having a full remodel done. You can breathe life and fun back into your pool with a simple update or go for a full overhaul to change the look entirely.

More Is Better

Did you have to make some compromises when you had your first pool installed? Now that you are in a better position, maybe it is time to have that old pool made bigger or redesigned.

Upgrading the size or even the shape of your pool is a great reason to have your pool remodeled, particularly if you find yourself trying to host large amounts of people with a smaller pool. You want to have enough room for all of your guests to enjoy themselves. This can become a big problem if your children start bringing friends over.

Have your pool remodeled to accommodate more people, or have your patio or deck updated for more space!

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