4 Pool Games Everyone Will Enjoy This Summer

This summer, make the most of your pool with some good, old fashioned water games! Whether you are planning a pool party or just want a fun afternoon with the family, these pool games will inspire everyone to join in on the fun!

Water Basketball

 pool basketball

This is a classic that the whole family enjoys. Whether you have a floating goal or a poolside hoop, An inflatable basketball is usually included. People of all ages will have fun playing HORSE and other simple basketball variations. Want to add an extra element of fun? Why not create your own version of basketball chicken by allowing the smaller players to make some slam dunks from the shoulders of the bigger players? There are so many ways to incorporate basketball into your water play, and the fun will go on for hours!

Noodle Joust

Noodle Joust is a simple game played between 2 players at a time. Each player sits on top of an inflatable raft or pool toy. They then attempt to knock each other from their raft or toy using only a pool noodle. This is a light-contact game, so it should only be played by younger children at the parent's discretion. Players should be strong swimmers.

Relay Race

relay race

You do not need pool equipment for every game. A relay race is a classic pool game that allows as many people as possible to participate. Divide the people that want to play into 2 or 3 teams. Have an equal number of swimmers at each end of the pool. When someone says go, the first swimmer of each team takes off and races to the other side where their teammate takes over swimming back to the start. Switch up the strokes for more of a challenge, or mix in silly strokes for a bit of added fun!

Marco Polo

Possibly the oldest and most well known pool game, Marco Polo is certainly a summer classic. And best of all, it doesn't require any toys or equipment- just willing swimmers! Here's a refresher on the game in case you've forgotten. One player is designated as "IT" and must find the other players and tag them out while keeping their eyes closed. The person that is "IT" will call out "Marco". while the players hiding will call out "Polo". Once tagged, the tagged swimmer becomes "IT" and counts to 10 while the other swimmer hide again. Of course like most classic games, Marco Polo has many variations and you can easily change the rules to keep it fun and exciting!

These are just a few suggestions for fun outdoor pool games. Stop by a Burton Pools and see what other pool games and pool accessories you can find. With fun family pool games like these, you're sure the enjoy hours of endless backyard fun with friends and family this summer! To shop all your pool accessory and games needs or learn more about the installation of a new pool, visit a Burton Pools location today or take a look at the rest of our website.


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