3 Tips to Maintain In Ground Pool Sanitation

In Ground Pool Sanitation

Maintaining in ground pool sanitation can be complicated and taxing, but delaying pool sanitation or worse, avoiding altogether can cause problems not only to your pool's overall state but also to your family as well. Here's what you can do to maintain your swimming pool's overall health status as well as keeping your family's safe too.

Swimming pool sanitation involves different processes. Here are 5 ways to maintain sanitation without going through a lot of hassle.

Regular Testing of Pool Water

Pool Water Testing

This is the golden rule in swimming pool maintenance. Always test pool water for chemical balance particularly with chlorine and pH levels. Chlorine is known to be the most popular sanitizer for pool water. A swimming pool that is low in chlorine poses as a hazardous environment. The water becomes breeding ground for bacteria and other elements that can be hazardous to health.

An over chlorinated pool is not healthy either. Chlorine is a strong chemical that when in contact to skin and other body parts may cause harmful reactions. That's why it is important to maintain water balance.

Practice Personal Hygiene

Pool Sanitation

Part of the pool sanitation process is the consistent practice of hygiene. This means that understanding and learning proper personal hygiene while in the water can contribute to the overall sanitation of the swimming pool. One good example would be to avoid urinating in the pool. Children may sometimes forget this especially the younger ones but it is important to let them understand the consequences if they fail to practice this. It's also best to let everyone take a shower first before they go into the pool.

Proper Filtration

Cleaning your filter regularly maintains the proper sanitation in an in ground pool. There are many types of filters, and the cleaning process may vary depending on the type, as well as the frequency of pool usage. These factors must be considered so that proper filtration is guaranteed all throughout.

Overall, maintaining pool sanitation means having regular pool maintenance. Some people tend to forget the importance of proper pool maintenance, but its vital to keeping safe waters.

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